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Community Eye Health Journal, Volume 28 Issue 92 2015

The Community Eye Health Journal, published by the International Centre for Eye Health, is committed to providing open and free access to up‐to‐date and relevant information to all eye care workers. 

The focus of this issue is diabetes, a complex disease requiring the involvement of many health professionals, and patients have many different appointments to keep and tests to undergo. With so much going on, raising awareness of diabetic retinopathy (DR) can be difficult. Early detection is crucial, as DR is symptomless in the early stages; once vision is affected it is usually too late.

Patients can also help to reduce their risk of developing DR by looking after their own health and their diabetes – and eye care practitioners have a responsibility to lead by example and to talk to them about how to make healthy changes in their own lifestyle.

This issue includes several clinical and technical articles to update and inform the diagnosis and management of DR patients. 


By Lorenzo
Apr 19, 2016
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