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Applying a holistic view to diabetes management in Europe

For patients with diabetes, diabetes is a 365-day-a-year condition that they have to manage with often limited support from the time-constrained health professionals responsible for their care. Many patients only see a health professional perhaps once a year for a short consultation. The advice patients receive is often centred solely on blood glucose control, which is like telling an aspiring golfer to enter the ‘Open’ with just one club. The patient journey in diabetes is thus a lonely and challenging one. There is a lack of accessible, comprehensive and continuing education that could help many people with diabetes manage their condition more effectively. Education is needed that would assist patients to concentrate beyond simplistic blood glucose control in the management of their diabetes. This education would have to cover the changes to the body or lifestyle that come with age or environmental factors. These changes need to be understood in terms of how they affect the patient’s control and what support he or she requires across a range of disciplines.

By Bart
Nov 27, 2015
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