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Patients’ Perspective of T2 Diabetes and Their Relationship with HCP

Aim: The objective of this study is to investigate the perception that people with type 2 diabetes have about the disease and about their relationship with the primary healthcare professionals.

Design: Qualitative research, carried out between September-November 2000.

Setting: Primary healthcare center Barrio del Pilar from Madrid.

Participants: 15 persons with type 2 diabetes. Variables considered to design the profiles of the interviewed were: age, gender, educational level, and time since diagnosis.

Method: Structural sampling and open interviews.

Results: Patients express having scarce information regarding the consequences of diabetes. As diabetes is symptom free represents a difficulty for being perceived as a severe disease. The most valued aspects of the relationship with health professionals are that they provide with clear and tailored information, build a trust context, support

change and take account their perspectives and living circumstances.

Conclusions: It is essential to recognize how patients understand and shape the disease. Information provided by professionals have to be tailored to patients necessities, and take place in a trusting environment. Decisions related with diabetes management have to be aligned with patients perspectives. Effective communication could be considered as a useful tool to encourage adherence and improve healthcare quality.

Key words: Diabetes mellitus non insulin dependent. Physician-patient relations. Cualitative study.

By Bart
Nov 27, 2015
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