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Diabetes Voice - July 2015 issue

  • Item type: Other
  • Language: English
  • Author: International Diabetes Federation
  • Target audience: All health professionals
  • Publication Date: Jul, 2015
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In our feature article - Diabetic Foot Disease: when the alarm to action is missing - diabetologist Kristien Van Acker discusses one of the most destructive and feared complications of diabetes, diabetic foot disease (DFD).  Did you know every 20 seconds an amputation caused by diabetes occurs somewhere in the world?  Dr. Van Acker explains why the loss of protective sensation or neuropathy causes DFD, and what types of interventions today are helping to decrease the number of cases.  We also hear from Dr. Nalini Campillo of the Dominican Republic who tells the story of Jeffrey - For Jeffrey, diabetes education has made all the difference - a young man diagnosed with DFD with amputation who is now succeeding with enhanced diabetes self-management skills.

What better way to celebrate July than to report on summer camps for children and teens living with type 1 diabetes. Angie Middlehurst, Education Manager for the IDF Life for a Child Programme, takes us on a journey - Having fun in a safe and educational environment - first to Fiji and then to Jamaica where we learn about children and teens with diabetes and their experiences at camp.

Edward Boyko, lead of the Public Health and Epidemiology Stream for the World Diabetes Congress Vancouver 2015, discusses the broad range of topics that will impart a greater understanding of the causes of the global diabetes epidemic and what means may stall or reverse the progression. 

Editor-in-Chief, Rhys Williams, with his subtle sense of humour, helps us cut through the diabetes media hype with one recent example of how the media often sensationalises diabetes facts in The diabetes media hype: what’s true, and what’s false

By Lorenzo
Jul 02, 2015
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