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Journal of Pakistan Medical Association: Supplement Diabetes care in Ramadan


[...]The physician who manages diabetes in Ramadan, and provides pre-Ramadan counseling for it has to walk a tight rope. The physician has to strike a balance between the patient's wishes and preferences along with cultural habits on one hand, biomedical needs on the other, and algorithmic or textbook guidance on yet another one! It is this practice which is known as person centred care (PCC).

[...]Thus, Ramadan is a unique opportunity to understand the concepts of holistic health, PCC and shared decision making. While editing this Supplement of the JPMA, these abstract concepts have become a practical reality for us. We hope that the Supplement will be able to spread this knowledge across the globe to medical professionals and allied colleagues, and achieve our goal of better care of diabetes during Ramadan. [...]


By Sameer
Jun 17, 2015
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