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Diabetes Self-Management

Oct 07, 2015

Share your experiences of Diabetes self-management education and support for adults with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes self-management education (DSME) and Diabetes self-management support (DMS) is a critical part of care for all people with diabetes and those known to be at risk for developing the disease. Powers et al, 2015 describe that DSME is the process of facilitating the knowledge, skill, and ability necessary for diabetes self-care. DSM refers to the support that is required for implementing and sustaining coping skills and behaviours needed to self-manage on an ongoing basis. A governance literature review indicates a shift towards patient-centred self care of diabetes (Kousoulis et al, 2014). Jones et al, 2015 pointed out that there is a need to provide people with diabetes with a multifaceted, person-centred collaborative care that meets the psychological as well as the somatic needs of the individual.

What is your experience of how to provide Diabetes self-management education and support for adults with type 2 diabetes?

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The discussion will be moderated by Unn-Britt Johansson (Researcher at Department of Clinical Sciences and Education, Södersjukhuset, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden, and Professor at Sophiahemmet University)


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