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Global Meeting on Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Cardiac Medications

Date: 13 Apr, 2017 - 14 Apr, 2017

Theme of Cardiac Pharmacology 2017 “Drugs Affecting the Rhythm of the Heart”. Cardiac Pharmacology 2017 focuses on the advanced technologies to save heart and life. Working with doctors, scientists, and other subject matter experts, creates awareness that effectively and clearly explains Vascular interventions, Trans catheter valve technology, Congenital heart treatments, Coronary interventions, Heart stroke prevention.

Conference Highlights

• Cardiac Pharmacology

• Cardio Vascular Diseases

• Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy

• Cardiovascular Medicine

• Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Diseases

• Interventional Cardiology

• Systematic hypertension: Mechanism and Diagnosis

• Neurological Disorders and Cardiovascular Diseases

• Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases

• Renal diseases and Cardiovascular Diseases

• Lipoprotein Disorders and Cardiovascular Diseases

• Heart diseases in varied populations

• Cardiologists and Angiologists

• Emerging epidemic of cardiovascular disease in developing countries

• Cardio toxicity

• Cardiovascular regeneration and tissue engineering

• Case Reports on Cardiology

• Cardiovascular Nursing

• Clinical trials in Cardiology

• Cardiovascular Drugs Market Analysis