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The Prediabetic Period: Review of Clinical Aspects

  • Item type: Scientific article
  • Language: English
  • Author: Sang Youl Rhee and Jeong-Taek Woo
  • Target audience: All health professionals
  • Publication Date: Apr, 2011
  • dmj-35-107.pdf(196.82 KB)

Hyperglycemia that does not satisfy the diagnostic criteria for diabetes mellitus (DM) is generally called prediabetes (preDM). The global prevalence of preDM has been increasing progressively in the past few decades, and it has been established that preDM status is a strong risk factor for DM and cardiovascular disease. Currently, preDM status is classified into two subtypes: impaired fasting glucose and impaired glucose tolerance. Currently, preDM is not regarded as an independent clinical entity, but only as a risk factor for others. In this article, we review various clinical aspects of preDM in terms of the working definition, changes in criteria over the years, epidemiology, and pathophysiological characteristics, and its clinical significance in current medicine.

By Daniela
Aug 16, 2016
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