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Risk factors contributing to chronic disease 2012.

  • Item type: Guideline/policy recommendation
  • Country: Australia
  • Author: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
  • Publication Date: , 2012
  • 12724.pdf(2.99 MB)

The prevention of chronic disease is a major health priority of Australian, state and territory governments. Over the last few years large investments have been made to improve healthy lifestyle behaviours, such as increasing physical activity and improving diet, as well as reducing risky behaviours, such as smoking and excess body weight.This report examines negative health determinants, known as risk factors, and provides insights into their prevalence. It examines the most common combinations of risk factors in the community, and highlights the potential for lifestyle behaviour changes that may lead to health gains for individuals and the population.It provides the most comprehensive picture to date of Australian lifestyle behaviours that can contribute to chronic disease.

By habiba
Feb 10, 2016
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