Early initiation of insulin in people living with type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes (T2DM) is a progressive disease characterized by insulin resistance (IR) and beta cell dysfunction. While most people living with T2DM will need insulin later in life, early initiation will reduce not only the complication burden but may prevent the need for dose escalation, hence reduce treatment costs.
Do you think that early initiation of insulin will lead to better prognosis of people living with T2DM?
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IDF Congress 2019 Busan, Korea  KiDS & Diabetes in Schools

The IDF Congress 2019 will be held in Busan, Korea on 2-6 December 2019. Our advance programme is now online! Online registration opens January 2nd, 2019.

KiDS project in Poland wins prevention and awareness Health Collaboration Award! Running in 15 primary schools , the KiDS project is recognised for its benefits for the local community and children living with  diabetes.

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 Global Compendium of Good Practice    Diabetic Retinopathy
The Integrated Care for Diabetes and Eye Health : A Global Compendium of Good Practice is a multi-agency advocacy project that documents a series of ‘real-world’ case studies showcasing current diabetic retinopathy care initiatives. The document will provide guidance to policy makers, medical organisations, service providers, and social investors. The IDF School of Diabetes offers a free online short course Diabetic Retinopathy to healthcare providers and specialists. In addition to English, the module is now available in Spanish and French. Upon successful completion of the course, learners can earn one European CME.
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IDF Diabetes Atlas
 The International Diabetes Federation is looking for new data sources of diabetes prevalence to include in the 9th Edition. If you are aware of any diabetes related data sources that would help IDF improve its estimates, please email the details to atlas@idf.org by 31 December 2018.
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Global Compendium of Good Practice

Sep 2018

Integrated care for diabetes and eye health: A global compendium of good practice. Melbourne, Australia, 2018. Authored and Compiled by: The Fred Hollows Foundation, and in partnership with: Helen Keller International, The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, International Council of Ophthalmology, International Diabetes Federation, Lions Clubs International Foundation, Orbis International,



What is Diabetes?

Jun 2018

A description of what diabetes is in Arabic. Many more free diabetes education aids in Arabic are available on www.learningaboutdiabetes.org.



Nutrition Education to Tackle Obesity and Diabetes

05 Sep 2018

The prevalence of obesity has doubled in 73 countries around the world. In children the prevalence of obesity rose from 4% in 1980 to 8% in 2015. Childhood obesity is associated with an increased risk of multiple metabolic disorders, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease, as well as premature death, in


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9th edition of the Emirates Diabetes & Endocrine Congress

Date of event: Mar 07 - 09, 2019

Organiser: Emirates Diabetes Society

Location: World Trade Centre, Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates