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Upcoming Diabetes Events


XXIII Biennial Meeting of the International Society for Eye Research

Date of event: Sep 09 - 13, 2018

Organiser: ISER

Location: Belfast Waterfront, Belfast, United Kingdom



54th EASD Annual Meeting

Date of event: Oct 01 - 05, 2018

Organiser: European Association for the Study of Diabetes

Location: Berlin, Germany



IDF Diabetes Complications Congress 2018

Date of event: Oct 24 - 27, 2018

Organiser: International Diabetes Federation

Location: Novotel & HICC Complex, Hyderabad, India


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Latest Library Resources


Using podcasts on a social audio platform to diabetes education

Apr 2018

Learners are faced with the challenges of a constantly growing knowledge base, combined with multiple, competing information sources. There are many technologies currently being used in diabetes education, including podcasts, which are often shared in SoundCloud. Podcasts are audio files distributed by way of the Internet to share information asynchronously.



Preparation and application of insulin: an analysis of youtube videos

Apr 2018

YouTube is a resource that can influence people‘s behavior, including the diabetic patient and their caregivers. Studies highlight the importance of YouTube as a source of information about some diseases including Diabetes Mellitus (DM). However, no study has evaluated the use of YouTube as a source of information about the



Diabetes Voice - April 2018 Issue

Apr 2018

Diabetes Voice is the quarterly magazine of IDF. It covers the latest developments in diabetes care, education, prevention, research, health policy and economics, as well as themes related to living with diabetes. Diabetes Voice goes to the heart of issues that are crucial to all those who can further the


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