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Kids and diabetes in schools

Aug 12, 2015

The incidence of diabetes among children is increasing in many countries with some 78,000 children under 15 years estimated to develop type 1 diabetes annually worldwide. In addition, evidence shows that type 2 diabetes is growing in children and adolescents around the world at an alarming rate. Increasing levels of childhood obesity and physical inactivity in many countries mean that type 2 diabetes in childhood has become a global public health issue.

One of the key elements in a child’s life is school, where they are expected to form friendships and develop knowledge in a safe and supportive environment. Unfortunately for many children with diabetes lack of knowledge within school about diabetes and their needs has led to issues such as isolation, stigmatisation and guilt.

The KiDS project has sought to test the introduction of an information pack and training in schools in India and Brazil with the hope of ensuring the experience of children with diabetes at school is a positive experience.

In this discussion we would like to hear about your experiences with the management of diabetes in schools. What is currently happening in your country to make school a better place for children with diabetes? And the teachers, is there any training provided to make them aware of diabetes, daily management of diabetes and prevention of type 2 diabetes?

What is your experience with the management of diabetes in schools?

Information about the discussion leader

The discussion will be moderated by Dr David Chaney (National Director for Diabetes UK Northern Ireland and former Senior Education Specialist of the International Diabetes Federation).


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Recommended websites

The Kids and Diabetes in School (KiDS) project aims to foster a supportive school environment that creates a better understanding of diabetes. The KiDS information pack is divided into sections for teachers, parents of children with diabetes, parents generally and children with diabetes. It is available for download in eight languages, free of charge and should be used alongside an educational session.